About Us

Helen and Nick Montano in their Café in BayswaterMontano's Pâtisserie and Café is the brainchild of husband and wife, Helen and Nick Montano.

From humble beginnings, growing up in country Victoria, Nick developed a passion for baking and had considerable training locally in Melbourne. After many years of experience in Australia, Nick jumped at the opportunity to travel to Europe where he worked under some of the finest Pâtisserie Masters.

He returned to Australia as a qualified and experienced Pâtissier and brought his finely tuned expertise back to Melbourne.

For over twenty six years he has built up a reputation for his for excellence in the creation of world-class Pâtisserie cakes, pastries and desserts.

In July 2014, with his talented Barista wife and their team of professionals, Nick opened Montano's Pâtisserie in the heart of Bayswater.

Now customers from all around the region can experience the very best gourmet treats: Italian, Greek, Cypriot, Lebanese, German and French bakery specialities from Montano's Pâtisserie.

From delicate biscuits and desserts to splendid cakes for special occasions, Montano's provide the very finest handmade delights, guaranteed to make you want to come back for more.

Come along and join us for a speciality tea or coffee and experience the delights of unique European Pâtisserie at its best.

Dine in or takeaway, choosing from a huge range of delicious treats of world class standard.